Domingo, Julho 09, 2006

Zidane Takes John Otway's Advice

Is the exclusion of Zidane the key element of the match?
"One can say that exclusion is an element of the match because on the second period and the prolongation, the Italians awaited only one thing, it was to arrive at the shootings at the goal, it was their only hope. But there already was the exit of Patrick Vieira who also had an influence. After there is the exit of Zinedine, one is found to ten. There were two outstanding facts before the shootings with the goal."

Why there it was a time before Zidane does not receive its red paperboard?
"One has just founded the video arbitration because it is the fourth referee who came to say it. The referee of key does not have anything considering. It is a new rule which is installation, lives it video in football!".

Was the paperboard justified?
"I do not know. I did not see the images. I can nothing say. I say that it is a pity, it is sad. The man of the match, it is not Pirlo, it is Materazzi, it marks and it makes exclude Zidane... But after, on the gesture, I regret it, and also let us regret we it, and Zidane too. But Materazzi should be there for nothing. I do not imagine that Zidane wanted to be excluded. It occurred something. It is obvious."

You are sad to see Zidane leaving like that?
"It is sad when a large player finishes his career like that, excluded, whereas it made a great competition. I would have preferred to leave it, me, at five minutes of the end, so that it has a true ovation. I did not expect an ovation like that one... "

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