Quinta-feira, Março 31, 2005

Prince Charles Blasts Royal Gimp Witchell

Quite right too, let the ginger toady Witchell fry in a vat of his own arse-licking.

I mean, the media hounds all pimp their money off him - how can they complain when he gives them a reciprocal tongue-lashing?

Quarta-feira, Março 16, 2005

Bush Ducky

President Bush was so furious at the French that he ordered the removal from the White House movie theater of Looney Tunes cartoons featuring Pepe Le Pew, the amorous and suave, albeit odiferous, skunk. Laura Bush later rescinded that order purportedly because she relies heavily on the Looney Tunes character to get the President "in the mood."

Quinta-feira, Março 03, 2005

Jizz Attack: will they eating everyones juice

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