Domingo, Março 12, 2006

Fantastic New Pet: The BunPup

Genetic scientists have come up with what they believe is the perfect pet, the Bunnypuppy.

The Bunnypuppy, or "BunPup" is a hybridized rabbit-dog. Created by BunPup Laboratories after 20 years of careful, ethical research, this beautiful and exotic furry animal is docile, friendly, and lives for about 5 years.

Modelled to look and act permanently young, the BunPup retains it's soft coat, which can be produced in a range of designer colors. It has the sensitive nose and ears of both animals. It is sterile so it can't reproduce, and can be safely left in a garden, where the worst it will do is scratch about. It will make no attempt to escape, as it has the rabbit's docility matched with the dog's loyalty. It has no gender, so no more embarassing leg moments around the barbecue.

A BunPup is intelligent enough to learn it's own name, has a "quiet, appealing cry, not like a dog at all." Left alone, it chases itself around even in small area, so it doesn't need to be excercised to keep healthy. It's vegetarian, so it's less smelly than a dog, and can hold it's droppings in until convenient for you. There are no known diseases or health problems associated with this new animal.

What more better companion could you buy your children or elderly relative?